Uncommon Solutions: A Solution for Every Need

No matter what your business goals, no matter how large or small your problems are, no matter how you prefer to operate, Uncommon has a solution that's tailor fitted to your needs.

Business Insights

Take full control of your business by taking advantage of powerful insights and trends that reveal what is and isn't working within your organization and will allow you to make better decisions.


Microsoft SQL Server and Power BI make big data analytics fast and simple so that users can quickly make decisions aligned with business objectives.


Manage all of your business relationships with confidence and ease. xRM offers infinite possibilities for managing relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, assets, knowledge bases etc.


Keep everyone in the loop with Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint simplifies the process of sharing, organizing, discovering, and collaborating throughout the entire organization.

Infrastructure Management

Keep it together! Infrastructure Management solutions ensure that your services and technology infrastructure are always in tip-top shape.

Office 365

Take advantage of cloud versions of all of your favorite Office tools so that you can stay on top of your work no matter where you go.

Device Management

Stay connected, share information, and securely engage users from any device, anytime.

Cloud Migration and Hybrid Strategies

Find the appropriate infrastructure and cloud strategy for your business, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Microsoft Back-Office Servers

Microsoft server solutions offer a host of opportunities for your enterprise. Find the solution that's right for you.

Microsoft Azure

Enjoy unlimited possibilities for flexible app development, deployment, and management without the hassle of handling infrastructure management in-house.

'Uncommon' Applications

Enjoy applications that are as unique as you are. Uncommon offers fully customizable technology experiences through superior applications.


.NET makes it easy to develop high quality applications while erasing the lines drawn between apps and the Internet.

Communications Development

Design and define a social and collaboration strategy that makes sense for your enterprise.

Cloud Development Platform

Use containers and mini virtual machine extensions to empower your development team to create the next generation of applications experiences.