Microsoft’s new Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft has recently announced their next step towards management and security of the ever-changing technical environment of organizations. Their Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is designed to give administrators their biggest advantage ever in controlling the IT environment. Through this service, administrators can use a single pane to monitor, manage, and secure all devices across all platforms. Check out our article for a more detailed look at the key features.

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Microsoft announcement from TechEd Europe

At the end of October, Microsoft used their platform at TechEd Europe to make several announcements surrounding the next set of upgrades for their online offerings. Office365, SharePoint, and OneDrive will all receive major improvements in management, control, functionality, flexibility, and security.

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Review Microsoft’s Fall CRM Release Features

Microsoft has moved to a faster paced, more dynamic release scheduled for its products. Now, twice a year Microsoft will be releasing core updates to their programs and a multitude of minor updates between the major updates. The Dynamics CRM software is on the same schedule and in this article we look at the most persistent rumors for what Microsoft will be bringing to their next version of the platform. Better user interface, PowerBI capability, and a new graphical designer are just some of the upcoming features... check out the article for some more.

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Pros and Cons of the Hybrid Cloud

By now, everyone knows that those stand-alone computers are outdated. Cloud environments are everywhere and gaining in connectivity. However, the choices for your organization can be daunting to navigate. Private clouds are super secure but lack connectivity and collaborative mechanisms. Public clouds are great for geographically diverse work force, collaboration, and data sharing... but can be extremely insecure. A hybrid solution might just be the answer… check out the detail of what a hybrid cloud is and if it makes sense to you.

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