What Our Clients Say

What are Clients are saying

"Thank you to Steve Schoenhals, who was instrumental in resolving a completely down system."
"You are wonderful! Thank you!"
"Daniel has been very thorough and has identified a number of issues that we have been able to fix before sending the code to Dan. I appreciate that not only does he test the new changes we have made but goes the extra mile to think about what else these changes may affect and goes back and tests those items also."
"We are very happy with the work Kate and Dallen are doing for us."
"Scott, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to talk with your customers who are in my territory and help them see the value in our solutions and help them figure out the best way to license things. When you do that for me, it's like icing on the cake! "
"Overall very successful"
"I've worked with several different IT groups over the years and have noticed there is certainly a difference between the capabilities and talent within them. I'm impressed with Uncommon Solutions and look forward to continuing a long relationship."
"I am very grateful to have Uncommon Solutions' help to evangelize the Microsoft vision and I am looking forward to continuing our joint efforts to support customers for many years to come!"
"Tyler did a terrific job at doing a requirements review with Andy and I today, exploring the Skype for Business as an alternative to our phone system replacement?.Thank you for helping us to explore this thoroughly and for helping us to understand the technology."
"Scott, You da MAN!"
"Once again, Danny came in and proved himself to be invaluable. You guys are really lucky to have this individual..."
"This is it exactly!!! You are so wonderful!"
"Just want to send you a note to say thank you for introducing me to Whiskers (we do need to come up with a better marketing name). There have been times when I have questioned myself on the investment but It continues to pay for itself. This was just a simple production report but using the data available, and your teams prompt response, it continues produce valuable results."
"Thank you for finding and returning our box of equipment. We are grateful that your company's goal is to build trust through open communication and integrity. It's rare to find honesty like yours. Enclosed are some champagne flutes and stress relieving toys (we use them as projectiles) as a token of our thanks. Sam & Rachel"
"I see and "love" the donation page -- well done!!! It looks perfect -- thank you very much!"
"I know that all too often, complaints are what you receive from customers. Personally, I am very picky and will let vendors know right away if I am displeased and compliments from me are only delivered when my high expectations are met. I just wanted to you let you know that I am very pleased with your service and product and you have great people on your staff."
Trips for Kids Denver
"I really appreciate the accurate and prompt response to someone you don't even know. I thank you as well as Trips for Kids Denver. You guys got me out of a jam."
"Your team has been doing a spectacular job - so thank you. We are really grateful."
"Daniel - Thanks you are the BEST!!"
"Brett was awesome. O365 had to be reinstalled. Thanks so much. You guys are such a blessing!"
"I want to thank Brandon for his help with the AD Migration to Azure. Looks like everything is working great."
"It looks good, and I have the journal entries so I can re-enter them. Thank you sooooo much!!"
"I just wanted to let you all know that the SQL database backup I ran last night was completed in 5 minutes, as compared to the 90+ minutes it took to run the same backup two weeks ago.

I think this, along with a lot of other more subjective observations by users of noticeable speed increases, is pretty conclusive proof that the changes you made had a big effect on system performance."
"Steve (Young) really gets this even better than I do!"
"I just want you all to know that the reason we moved ahead with the network project and the reason we will be signing a maintenance contract with Uncommon Solutions. We were all very impressed with your initial work. We know we can depend on someone with this level of skill and ability to take care of our network."
"I work at Project C.U.R.E., and I just want you to know how much I appreciate Danny. He is always a great help and just flat out enjoyable. But today, Danny is my HERO."
RH Enterprises
"You are a lifesaver! I appreciate all your help at the Church."
"Congratulations on having the SharePoint site up and going! I am sure everyone has been working non-stop to accomplish this goal. I was very pleased to have the site open up properly this morning. "
Whiz Kids Ministry
"Thank you for all that you have done, awesome. Awesome, just awesome - and Danny is spectacular. Your group has just been so much of a blessing to our ministries, I can't tell you."
"Brett - the calls have been invaluable!"
"We have been blessed by the excellent service your team has provided over the years. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gracious support of Promise Keepers."
"The cutover went smoothly, and everything you guys were responsible for was perfect."
"Thanks for entire Uncommon solutions team for the great job and dedication! You ROCK!"
"Awesome! Even when we have one offs, the response has been so, so good... and I'm excited about the expense claim piece."
"It would be my pleasure to be on your referral list... I appreciate your professionalism, and it has always been a pleasure to work with you."
"Big KUDOS to Kyle. He was working on this last night at 10:10 p.m.! WOW!"