Our Team

The Team

Uncommonly Good At What We Do

We at Uncommon believe that company-wide excellence begins at the very top. Our leadership team is comprised of men and women whose combined experience totals more than a century's worth of work within the industry. This level of knowledge, skill, and ability makes it possible for us to steer the entire enterprise and to guide our employees towards reaching their full potential. We strive to lead by example, continuously bettering ourselves to meet ever-evolving client needs.



Brad Leiby

Chief Executive Officer

"The best way to build great IT systems is to hire people with excellent character, aptitude, and drive. Then, do all you can to create the ideal environment for them to thrive."

Brad's firm belief in the value of working with the best of the best is just one of the things that makes Uncommon so unique. Using this philosophy, we've created a dynamic BI team that is capable of meeting our client's diverse needs and driving them towards success.


Joel Schneider

VP of Organizational Development

"The power and promise of a company's investment in technology innovation belongs to the whole business, not just the IT department. IT's primary job is to support the business in reaching their goals, and to help them leverage IT to its fullest potential."

With this ideology in mind, Joel has helped Uncommon clients of all backgrounds and sizes to realize their technology goals and improve their overall business model. Joel works with our partners to create solid solutions that empower enterprises to take advantage of all of their IT has to offer - on a budget they can afford. As a result, he's truly become a "go-to" guy that all of our clients know they can trust.



Vicky Fleming

Director of Professional Services

A true leader, Vicky knows how to build superior Project Management teams, implement best practices for Business Analysis and Project Management, establish honest and reliable communications with customers, and more. Vicky goes above and beyond the call of duty to exceed client expectations and needs, both in business operations and in consulting.


Dallen Campbell

VP of Service Delivery

Dallen's technological experience is truly diverse, spanning multiple industries and numerous positions including software development, systems administration, network engineering and architecture, project management, and running IT operations. As a result, he is capable of approaching problems for many different points of view and is better able to understand individual client needs.

Dallen strives to use technology as a means of bridging gaps between businesses, employees, and technology so that enterprises can run more efficiently, effectively, and affordably.