Application Management

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Thinking Outside of the Box


Let's face it: out of the box solutions simply don't work. Your business is unique, and you deserve solutions that are fully optimized to meet your specific day-to-day demands. That's why Uncommon chooses to work with solutions that enable us to dive in and create a custom technology experience that's just right for you. No more trying to conform to your solution - your solution is designed to conform to you!


The .NET Framework has completely transformed the building and running of applications. Maximize your users' experiences by taking advantage of this powerful solution.

Communications Development

Stay in touch in a way that makes sense for you. Tools like Lync and Skype make it fast and simple for users to connect with one another from any device. Choose the available Lync communications services that work best for your needs.

Cloud Development Platform

Isolate data and computing on shared resources through creating containers using Docker. Docker virtual machines can then be created to host any given number of containers for your apps on Azure.

SharePoint and Office Apps

Create, interpret, report, share, collaborate, and communicate with the tools that you feel most comfortable with - both in the office and on the go.