The next Windows operating system is officially revealed

Microsoft has not exactly been Fort Knox regarding its next version of Windows.  Thanks to all the leaks, anyone paying attention had a good idea of what it was going to be like.  However, Microsoft has finally come out officially with reveals of what we can expect.


First, they are ditching the old naming convention and sticking with numbers… so, everyone welcome Windows 10.


Um… 10?  The last release was Windows 8 so shouldn’t the next release be 9?  Well, according to Microsoft, this will probably be the last major release of an OS since they are moving to an incremental upgrade system after this.  So Microsoft felt that the last name should be significant and they decided on… 10.  Oh well.


Jokes aside, some of the other features in this new OS are very exciting.  The version will run on PCs, Windows Phones, tablets, and potentially the Xbox in the future.  Although it will have a common OS, each device will show its own interface.  It will also consolidate all the different app stores into a single pane.


On the 1st, Microsoft opened up  This site allows downloading and testing of some of the Enterprise Technical Preview version of Win10.  By using the preview site, you will automatically be enrolled in the Insiders Program that will push updates through Windows Update for the tech preview version.  As an Insider, you will have the opportunity to give feedback and possibly affect the future of Win10.


NOTE: This preview will only work on x86 at this time.  Microsoft plans to release a more widely ranging version in early 2015.


The new Start Menu will feature a start button and will have the charm bar… but charm bar support has been confirmed to be changing, but not defined as to how those changes will take shape.  Also revealed is a new Snap Assist that will help users to “snap” apps together.  Another feature revealed is called “Continuum.”  This feature allows users to navigate more easily between two-in-one devices when disconnecting and connecting peripheral devices.


Microsoft’s knows its winning strategy with Win10 is to convert current Win7 users.  Their plan is to make users believe they will be upgrading from a prop plane to a jet without having to learn to fly all over again.  However, word is that Microsoft is aiming to release Win10 by spring of 2015, but that has only been discussed as word of mouth and not an official position yet so expect more concrete information before the release comes.