Mobility madness… are you ready?

As the cloud becomes more robust and stable… business becomes more mobile oriented… and it is creating mobility mayhem.


The mobile revolution is much like the Wild West, not many rules and a lot of rushing in different directions.  It is expected that by 2015 there will be 1.3 billion people working remotely and some of the current statistics should be a bit scary for the business decision makers.  Ask yourself this question as you read the following facts: “What is my company doing about this issue?”







Cloud computing is on the rise and only expected to pick up the pace of adoption.


Companies offsetting IT spending through BYOD will continue to rise… as well as employees’ demands to use their own devices because they are simply more comfortable with them.  Enterprise security programs need to change to secure this new mobile environment and planning for that change is critical.  The old policies will not work with the new smartphones, tablets, and mobile applications… there are simply too many opportunities to crack the systems (IE: “sniffing” information out of the air from someone working while having a coffee at Starbucks).


Further driving business to the Cloud is that companies that would normally require enormous amounts of startup capital for their IT infrastructure may only need a fraction of what was previously required to succeed.  With no investment into hardware, uptime guarantees in place, and a fixed cost for a per-user environment many companies can now use their budgets more efficiently.


Cloud computing also significantly changes a major IT issue: Disaster Recovery (DR).  Utilizing the Cloud and the virtualization of servers, DR is more cost-effective and lowers the bar for an environment wide comprehensive plan.  Also to be considered, companies can experience far quicker recovery times and multi-site availability at an extremely reduced rate of cost.


All trends and expectations are moving in the direction of the Cloud.  By 2020, the question, “Should our company move to the Cloud?” will no longer be relevant.  Everyone will be there already in some capacity.  The Cloud will be the preferred method of hosting services, markets, applications, and platforms.  Centralized Big Data Warehouses will be the norm as companies attempt to solve complex problems through Business Intelligence.  Keeping data secure will move beyond the current 256-bit SSL and securing physical data access at the data center will become paramount (many data centers are already implementing biometric screening such as retinal scans to protect physical access to servers).


As a Gold-certified, Managed Microsoft Partner, Uncommon Solutions’ understands that securing diverse and rapidly changing devices demands new strategies, architectures and forward looking security controls.  If you are considering moving into the cloud, we strongly recommend contacting us to discuss the options available and which of those options might solve the business problem you are considering.