Microsoft’s new CEO: Satya Nadella… a leader to believe in


That is a pretty bold statement.  It is not a guarantee, but it is full of hope for the future of this mega-empire.  It was only 1975 when Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft… and within 20 years it was defining the computer marketplace.  The ‘90s saw Microsoft’s golden days when Windows and Office defined what computers were for.  It is no surprise that even with all the new competition and the growth of open source computing, Microsoft is still one of the world’s biggest public companies (#41 according to Forbes) with over $72 billion in yearly sales.


Now, a new CEO has been tapped to run the company: Satya Nadella.  He will be only the third man to run a company so vast that it probably touches more lives than any other product from a single source.  Mr. Nadella is a 22 year veteran of Microsoft and was previously in charge of the company's Cloud and Enterprise Group as an Executive Vice President.


So why is the future of Microsoft so bright to us?  As a Managed Microsoft Partner (one of only 7 in the western US), Uncommon Solutions pays close attention to the foundations of our partner.  In this case, Mr. Nadella has been on our radar for some time.


We have been diving into and promoting the cloud for over a year now (check out the previous newsletters).  With the new offerings of Office 365, Windows Azure, and others, Uncommon had the opportunity to check out who in Microsoft was responsible for getting us such great product to pass along to our clients.  This is where Mr. Nadella came into our awareness.  As Executive VP of Cloud and Enterprise, he was the solidifying force for Microsoft in developing, offering, and supporting the new cloud vision that Microsoft has.


Mr. Nadella was born in India (1967) and raised in what seems to be a modest family.  Even with the promotion to CEO of one the world’s biggest companies, his family remains modest.  In an article by Sudipta Sengupta, Satya’s father is obviously happy for his son and (at the same time) shocked by all the attention.  “I don’t know why I should speak about his (Satya’s) childhood.  How is that even important?”  However, we understand that where someone comes from often times will give us an insight into where that person is going.


In this case we have a modest man who seems to value substance over flash.


Mr. Nadella came up through the ranks at Microsoft.  After joining in 1992 (after working at Sun Microsystems), he earned a reputation as a leader with an amazing range of technology ability and business acumen.  He worked in the R&D for Online Services and was VP of the MS Business Division before being tapped as the Exec. VP for Cloud and Enterprise.


You will not hear him brag, in fact, you will rarely hear anybody brag about Mr. Nadella.  Instead, what you get from everyone is a calm and deep conviction of competency in the man.  They will point to his modest leadership which draws in those around him.  They will point to his vision of the future that is firmly rooted in technology and customer needs.


In this era that is quickly becoming known as “post-PC” in the industry, Mr. Nadella’s focus on Windows Azure and Office 365… in offering IaaS and SaaS… is positioning Microsoft squarely in the forefront of the next era of computing: cloud.  He was instrumental in Microsoft’s impressive growth in the cloud to date, and we believe it is a given that he'll stay with the devices and services strategy and the One Microsoft vision.