Microsoft brings Christmas early to OneDrive users

In their OneDrive blog on June 23rd, Microsoft announced that they were moving to massively increase storage for OneDrive users and lower the cost of online storage for everyone.


The first part of their announcement is regarding their free online storage.  No signup fee… no monthly free… no money.  Just storage.  This OneDrive account can now get up to 15GB of online storage at no cost.  Microsoft reports that 3 out of 4 users have less than 15GB of storage so this absolutely no cost option could be a way for you up store and share photos, videos, and documents at literally no cost.  Simply sign up for an account and off you go.


The second part of their announcement is the game changer for OneDrive… a full terabyte of online storage at no cost for any Office 365 user.  This expands the 1TB option beyond the business O365 user and applies it to Home, Personal, and University accounts as well.  This means with a simple Personal O365 account, you will get all the Office products you are used to (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) at a cost of $6.99 and 1TB of storage in the cloud.  This really should take care of any storage needs… this could satisfy even the power users if they commit to storage maintenance.


The final part of the announcement is a commitment to dropping storage prices overall when you do need extra space.  For those power users who never want to worry about maintenance but do want to throw everything into a single storage area, Microsoft has lowered their monthly prices to $3.99 for 200GB of extra storage space tacked on to your current environment (that’s down from $11.49.


If you have been concerned about storage and sharing files over the office or over the nation, OneDrive has just become the leader in unified storage solutions.  Check out OneDrive and see if it resolves your storage issues.