Just the facts…

Ever just want a snapshot of what is going on in IT right now?  We did too... so here is a look at some of the top facts gathered by Gartner regarding what businesses are thinking about when it comes to Information Technology.


  • In 2014, companies are expected to spend more on mobile devices than on fixed devices for the first time
  • 70% of companies are providing smartphones to employees or plan to by year end
  • 57% of companies are providing tablets to employees or plan to by year end
  • 51% of companies are planning to increase spending on Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytical software this year
  • 43% of corporate spending on new software will be earmarked for cloud applications (up from 15% in 2010)


So what does this snapshot actually mean?  If you do not fit into these percentages, then possibly it means that your competitors are going to get ahead of you in the tech arena.


When surveying CIOs, the trend in spending on new tech reaches across the board.  27% are planning on spending more in cloud technology, 40% target mobile technology as an area they are going to spend more on, and 44% said that BI was going to be their big push for the year.


Finding a balance between early adoption of technology and squeezing every penny out of your IT spend can be tricky.  We at Uncommon encourage you to contact us and discuss what challenges are facing your organization and how technology can not only solve them but also help you prepare for your future needs.