Assess your email system

Email has become a mission critical part of any business.  So how carefully have you considered where your systems are and where they are headed?  Do you have a company policy regarding your email that your employees understand?

Uncommon Solutions would like to offer the following questions and short insights to help you evaluate your system. 

·         How solid is your backup and recovery plan for email?

o   Many companies have minimal resources directed towards backups and disaster recovery for email.  To be blatantly honest, most organizations are sloppy and nonchalant in this area.  Do you know what your backup is for email… are you sure you even have one?  Can your organization continue if you lost all the emails in your system?

·         Do you know how long you should retain your emails and when you should trash old items?

o   In recent years the need to keep a history of emails has become not only common sense but also legally necessary (e.g.; Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, etc.).  So keeping email is important; however, email is a huge part of Big Data garbage.  To combat this particular issue, techniques like deduplication can be used to minimize storage space used (for example, duplicate copies of an email sent company-wide with a large attachment will be deleted while the original copy remains).

·         Should you have a dedicated server or outsource to the cloud?

o   This question is especially difficult.  Many small and medium businesses host their own applications (including email) on the same server to save hardware costs.  However, combining many different applications on the same hardware can lead to complications with disaster recovery and failover for email.  This is one strong argument for a dedicated server.  Outsourcing email hosting may make sense for some organizations… however, the more mission critical your email is, the more important it is to keep control of your environment.  Business decision makers must balance cost and governance of in-house versus low maintenance of moving to an online environment.

·         How should you integrate email into your other systems?

o   Unified Communications is becoming standard in all organizations.  Email integration with instant messaging, VoIP, and presence give businesses a new way to communicate, collaborate, and enable business in today’s more geographically diverse environments.  Integration will allow for anywhere-anytime instant access to employees.

·         Have you made your email policies clear to your employees?

o   An annual review of the companies email policies should be standard practice in any organization.  Do your people understand what type of behavior is allowed in their company emails?  Do they understand that the company “owns” the emails sent and received from their work account?  Do they know the company approved “out of office” auto-reply?  Do they know that each and every email represents the company?

These high level questions should get you going on doing a quick evaluation of your email system.  If you still have some questions, our team would be happy to discuss your environment and different options available.  Contact Uncommon Solutions for a no cost, no hassle discussion today.