3 Business Problems Solved by SharePoint


Word has been going around about the great Webinar on May 9th where Uncommon detailed 3 Business Problems Solved by SharePoint… and since you have been asking, we are answering


Follow the link to see the webinar in its entirety: 3 Business Problems solved by SharePoint


We hope that you are noticing a theme in our webinars… we at Uncommon believe in solving business problems


Our goal in looking at any type of technology falls back to our philosophy: Does this tech align with business needs; does it solve business problems; will it have high user adoption?


In todays' global and distributed business world, collaboration and organization are a necessity of business success. Fortunately, there are a number of technological solutions that promise to unify your teams, organize your projects, and store your documents.


Unfortunately, these promises most often focus on telling you the instead of demonstrating the how.  We provide some real-world examples of how the experts utilize SharePoint to demonstrate actual benefits instead of promised efficiencies.


Uncommon Solutions and Ziff Davis were proud to present 3 Business Problems solved by SharePoint.  This was a live and interactive event that we think will satisfy your desire for specific examples of how SharePoint can provide solutions your organization is looking for.


Gain real insights on SharePoint in use for project and team collaboration


Discover how SharePoint is leveraged by leaders as a line of connectivity for business processes and management information